Bob Marley Ovation Guitar


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The Bob Marley Ovation Guitar maker in 2002 celebrated Marley by issuing 200 limited edition Les Paul Specials Bob Marley. These editions were built for the exact specifications of his electric guitar on display at the museum. The electric guitar solid mahogany body of custom, Gibson Art & amp; Historical division reproduces a number of unique appointments, including binding white mark on head and touch Marley – now yellowed with age – and small inlaid pearl blocks.

Marley, changed its Bob Marley Ovation Guitar Special removing the wraparound tailpiece of origin and insertion of plugs into the filling holes, the substitution of a stop bar tailpiece, according to Gibson. The electric guitar company duplicate these features as well as the football-shaped switchwasher aluminum pickguard and around the 3-way selector. A carefully aged cherry finish and marks and scratches copied from the original instrument supplemented the well-worn look and feel of the electric guitar. The signing of Marley appears t on the doll.