Gibson Bob Marley Special


riginally Posted by marc1kim
Junior Special..the first time I heard that name used was in the mid 90’s Some Junior Specials were even called SLs because is used poly finish instead of laquer (SL= Sans Laquer). I think they started off with p100’s and later with humbuckers.

Some diehards dont like the name Junior Special as it adds to the confusion, because they argue it’s neither a Junior nor Special by vintage specs. It’s more of a modern, updated version of the Special.

Junior Specials differ from vintage spec, with TOM bridge, no fretboard binding, 60’s taper neck, cutaway tapers flush with the neck, and a belly cut on the backside
It is interesting that Gibson has 2 versions available The Les Paul Jr Special that was at Wildwood and Guitar Center has the belly cut but the one I got from Music123 has a slab body with no belly cut.

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