Bob Marley S Les Paul

What was the guitar they based the reissue on? The reissue was made after the guitar had been buried with Bob right?

I read on the Les Paul Forum that Bob bought his guitar at Top Gear when the Wailers toured the UK in 1973. I read that it was a ’57 and that it fell off the stand a week after he bought it resulting in damage to the 3-way switch. What I don’t understand is was this a ’57 reissue? I thought that the first reissues of the special came out in 1974?

I did read somewhere else that George Gruhn said Marley’s guitar was made in the 70’s.The tune-o-matic bridge was the first mod to this guitar,did they do that at Top Gear when he bought the guitar? And what about the inlays? I never saw a Special with inlays like that until the ’90s. Did he have custom inlays installed or was the neck replaced? Maybe the neck was also damaged when it fell of the stand?

Any info you guys have would be appreciated

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