Gibson Les Paul Di Bob Marley


“This guitar has been played, but is in good condition for its age and is in perfect working order. I’m not 100% for sure if this guitar was originally 3 pick ups or 2 pick ups, but if the middle pick up was added afterwords it was done very professional. The guitar is wired so each pick up has it’s own volume knob and there is a master tone knob. When the guitar is in the rhythm position the neck and middle pick up are on, middle position all 3 pick ups are on, and when it is in the treble position the bridge and middle pick up are on. The neck is straight with no issues. The case is pretty beat up but works great. The combo latch and one back latch are busted off. This case still closes and stays shut as it should. I have provided tons of pictures. Please check them out.”

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